Carbon Offset Program

Carbon Offset Program

Our Motivation

The airplanes and delivery trucks used to deliver wine to a customer’s door use a lot of energy. Burning these fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Copper Peak Logistics  has estimated that a typical shipment of wine causes about 3.5 pounds of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere. With millions of bottles of wine moving around the country every year, this can be bad news for the planet.

Copper Peak launched its Green Shipping Program to mitigate this impact through the purchase of carbon offsets. Now wine clubs and their members can drink to the health of the planet by knowing their shipments are not contributing to global warming.

How The Program Works

Participating wineries can elect to pay a fee of only $0.05 per shipment to offset the carbon emissions caused by transporting wine around the country. With this money, Copper Peak purchases carbon offsets from its partner, Village Green Energy. Village Green uses this money to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants – balancing the shipping emissions with reductions elsewhere.

But Copper Peak has gone one step further – instead of just neutralizing the carbon emissions, Copper Peak will match each customers’ purchase. This means that rather than simply offsetting the carbon emissions, each shipment will actually be carbon negative – more carbon dioxide will be reduced than was released in the first place!

Join Us

Copper Peak has done the heavy lifting to make this program easy to implement. By signing up, you can help your club take a strong step towards more sustainable operations and market your shipments to clients as carbon neutral. Contact us today to get setup in our program.
In Napa/Sonoma call: 707-265-0100
In Paso Robles call: 805-975-5115

Current Participating Wineries:

  • Robert Sinskey Vineyards
  • Venge Vineyards
  • Blackbird Vineyards
  • Ma(i)sonry

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