Copper Post – Wine Supply Chain in the New Economy

Copper Post – Wine Supply Chain in the New Economy

November 7, 2012

The wine business is a different place today than it was before Direct To Consumer (DTC) became a reality. Accelerated brand proliferation means there are over 1 million unique wine products in the market today. In the US, the largest wineries are gaining share as wholesale business represents the vast majority of wine business. And while DTC at some of the largest wineries is still nearly non-existent, the term ‘bottleneck’ to describe the state of market access for thousands of second and third tier domestic wineries and countless imports doesn’t deliver justice to the situation.

DTC has grown up to represent nearly 10% of total US Wine sales , wine ecommerce is back in the news with Amazon’s recent announcement (although their model may need to be modified) and Facebook is launching gifting with Copper Peak Logistics (CPL) for wine as a key category.

The multiple dimensions of DTC require different strategies. The catalysts for daily ecommerce are different from wine club sales, and those with no tasting rooms must approach DTC differently than those with on-premise daily touch points. Consumer wine events can drive brand awareness and for those that execute well, direct sales. They also represent a significant opportunity for #digital #social engagement and can be tied to #mobile payment solutions.

After 6 years serving wineries with DTC fulfillment and solutions in the Central Coast, Napa & Sonoma, CPL has expanded alongside our world class winery clients to offer the added services they value. From Do-It-Yourself logistics support to digital marketing programs designed to deliver social engagement and DTC sales, CPL is committed to helping build wine brands through innovative DTC solutions. In addition to our quality services, we are contributing to the wine industry through marketing inquisitiveness which we see leading to innovation.

We are witnessing a digital revolution in the wine industry as digital marketing and social customer relationship management are driving more wine commerce. We have always been passionate about helping wineries leverage technology. The time is right for us to contribute to the discourse through Copper Post, a blog on the topics affecting marketing and supply chain of the American wine industry in the new economy, and our attempts to impact them in a positive way.