Copper Post – Drivers of Demand: The New Model

Drivers of Demand: The New Model

January 15, 2013

The past three years have been dominated by the rise of wine flash sale sites typically focused on a program that features a particular price point available for only a short period of time or until the entire product is sold out. The sites have played a vital role in helping wineries divest themselves of excess wine inventory and cycle through less known brands. They have helped increase wine consumption among younger audiences by the sheer proliferation in the number of sites, and by making wine more affordable for the masses. While effective for many wineries, some have chosen to by pass this new channel in favor of their more traditional ecommerce strategies. If you want to learn more we suggest you visit sites like Lot 18,  WTSO, Cinderella Wines, Last Bottle, or Wine Access. The future of these sites continues to evolve as consumer adoption becomes more challenging in an on-line digital marketing world that is in a constant state of acceleration.

The newest digital wine marketing model taking shape today are Marketing Agents, or Advertisers, who are companies or organizations that promote winery brands to their customers or constituency groups. It works well for Marketing Agents because these programs can help accentuate the Marketing Agents brand positioning and create a unique sales opportunity. Wineries enjoy the indirect endorsement and access to new customers, all of which is driven on value creation and not necessarily a price point. State regulators enjoy the fact the any sales completed under this model are under the sole direction of the primary license holder. The future of the Marketing Agent model seems very bright for all the right reasons.

Marketing Agents are today helping wineries sell wine using Copper Peak Logistics as their primary fulfillment and distribution partner. We are excited about the varied and high quality programs we are supporting, which are in no small way due to our ability to provide access to broad reaching wineries and the ever growing unique brands they have or are developing. One such program is Facebook Gifts. If you are a Facebook user you might notice the ‘Send a Gift’ icon in your calendar of birthdays. Facebook has indeed made gift giving simple and easy by enabling the gift receiver to preview the gift and enter the correct shipping address. Wine is the perfect addition to this program and we have been facilitating this since before Karma was purchased by Facebook and started offering gifts.

Copper Peak Logistics is the first logistics service provider for wine and the Facebook Gifts program. We are proud to pave the way for wineries to take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. For wineries with scale, brands can receive tremendous exposure by being promoted and merchandised by Facebook. Wine brands represented by Domaine Chandon, Bonterra, and Mendocino Wine Group are seeing considerable exposure as the program continues through the early stages of its launch. Any winery interested in learning more about this program should contact for details.