Demand Creation Programs

Demand Creation Programs

With wine consumption continuing to increase across the U.S. many domestic and international wine brands are looking for new ways to engage consumers with their brands. Copper Peak Logistics has developed proprietary and partnership driven programs aimed at creating demand for wines with individuals and affinity groups.

Marketing Advertisers

Many Online Marketers are now focused on new opportunities in the direct-to-consumer channel as the number of states that now accept these shipments has expanded and applications and other technologies have made it easier for consumers to use these online options. If you are a Marketer looking to expose your consumer community to over 2,000 world class winery brands, we can deliver a turnkey, legally complaint solution that will have broad appeal and simplistic execution.

Winery Participation in Marketing Advertiser Programs

The dramatic rise in Online Marketers has changed the landscape for wineries looking to extend into new markets. The choices are plentiful, and participation must be carefully measured against potential return in sales and impact on brand identity. We have options available for winery producers to pick which programs they want to participate in, and have developed technologies and integrations with various partners that create legally compliant DTC sales transactions.

Marketing Beyond the Tasting Room

Our staff of industry veterans has worn many hats over the years. From tasting rooms to board rooms, we have had the pleasure of working with many different wineries and wine industry services companies, and draw on this expertise to provide you with resources and key contacts for various aspects of your business:

  • Marketing Plan Development and Management
  • Social Media Content and Awareness
  • Calling Campaigns
  • Email Marketing