Marketing & Sales Collateral

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Copper Peak Logistics, through its association with the Materialogic Supply Chain Alliance, can provide companies large and small, solutions to manage their marketing supply chains and track all costs associated with literature, sales and marketing collateral, promotional item procurement, fulfillment and distribution. We provide the technology and analytics to dissect every product and process cost to eliminate hidden waste and excessive spending. The overall efficiencies that are created can on average save our clients 20%, to as much as 40% per year.

We go beyond addressing production and process cost to help examine the manner in which marketing materials are created and delivered. We look for ways to improve our clients’ effectiveness, which ultimately increases sales. Why maintain stock inventory for items that can be printed on demand with personalized data? Why force a key trade account to wait a week for information that can be downloaded immediately? Our proprietary technologies provide for a wide range of communication strategies and tactics to improve the way your marketing messages are received and ultimately turned into a sale.

We can provide solutions for wide variety of needs:

  • Marketing Material Ordering Site – Single source site for ordering marketing materials by field sales and retail accounts.
  • Source and Produce Marketing Materials – we remove the hassles of quoting, purchasing and tracking production jobs for materials associated with field sales, trade accounts and DTC wine shipments.
  • Co-op Funds Management – our technology allows you to provide market development dollars to ordering sites to improve merchandising opportunities with key accounts.
  • Reinforce Brand Imagery – we can enforce strict compliance with your corporate identity standards and maintain digital archives of your images.

Intelligent Ordering Catalogs and On-line Tools

  • User restrictions by group, item, quantity, and time frame
  • Stock and dynamically created items (variable print on demand)
  • Digital PDF downloads and Pay For View Online Publishing
  • FILEstore (internet based digital asset management and data storage and retrieval)

Print Management

  • Production partner management and coordination
  • Inventory replenishment forecasting, economical order quantity analysis
  • Forest Stewardship Program for environmental responsibility
  • On-line reporting and cost center charge allocations

Print Production

  • Digital and offset printing
  • Corporate identity program
  • Custom cut sheet laser printing
  • Premium sourcing

We help bring your end customers, sales team, and key trade accounts closer together!