Copper Peak Logistics offers clients the use of CopperLink, a software interface specifically designed for the wine industry. CopperLink is built upon the INFOplus proprietary supply chain software platform used by Materialogic, thus allowing our clients to tap into a vast array of technology solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed on their behalf.

Web Based Portal

Anyone with access to a PC can reach CopperLink via the web. There they will find applications to manage orders, inventory, compliance, reporting and administrative functions.

Functional Highlights

These features are instrumental in our ability to deliver white glove service to our clients. We pride ourselves on making technology applications that are easy to use, yet targeted to the nuances of providing client service to the wine industry.

  • ASP software model
  • Dashboard diagnostics welcome page
  • Weather holds
  • Ship complete order management
  • Future dating orders
  • Compliance management
  • Inventory allocation by facility
  • Returns management
  • Real time information
  • Fast order shipment tracking
  • Reporting and database queries
  • Low stocks notification
  • Multiple distribution channels  (D2C, 3 Tier, L2L)
  • Paperless invoicing


Integration Simplicity

CopperLink is integrated with other supply chain business partners to create a seamless service and solution to remove manual interventions that lead to quality issues and lack of immediate access to information.

INFOplus Software Capabilities

Whether you need it now, or whether you grow into it, the INFOplus supply chain software platform has multiple modules and interfaces that can be used in support of building your brands, in both the wine category and elsewhere.

Business Continuity and Security

Our technology resides in a Tier II data center, supported by a hot spare remote back-up facility, design to the financial industry and major credit card processors fault tolerance specifications. The information collected and maintained in CopperLink is safe and secure to the outside world.